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Have you ever Wished that you could Win the Lottery? Many of us have said if I could just win the lottery I will be alright.

Syria can’t walk into a store without everybody asking her what’s the “WINNING NUMBER“. She is known for Winning ALL the Time!!! She has Awesome Abilities with Numbers.

She can look at a person and see numbers on them and they come out in an Instant in Club Keno, etc. A Great chance at Winning $250,000.00!

You too could be a Winner by following her Daily Lottery Predictions.

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  1. Davis_Rod
    Davis_Rod says:

    For anybody that’s a nonbeliever!…Ms. Syria is no joke!…I have hit numerous times off her predictions!..I will be a member before this month is out!

  2. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Alicia Aragon Orellana says:(Edit)
    January 21, 2018 at 10:15 pm
    I’ve followed Sylvia’s blog for years, here are some of the results from her predictions…

    998 SC eve 1/21
    213 Tennessee 1/21
    2531 Arkansas 1/21
    2312 California 1/21
    3612 Georgia 1/21
    604 Ohio Eve 1/21
    6911 NJ 1/21
    3482 Tri States 1/21
    133 Colorado 1/20 Midday
    352 New Mexico 1/20 Midday
    851 Ontario 1/20 Midday
    397 Arizona 1/20
    917 1/19 DC Eve
    158 Michigan 1/19 Eve


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